InterAmerican Medical University (IMU) and Bethesda Medical Centre are located on an eight-acre campus in Corozal Town, Belize, Central America. IMU is about 85 miles north of Belize City and seven miles south of the Belize/Mexico border.

Dr. John Trummer, a North American physician practicing in Belize, built Bethesda Medical Centre in the mid-1980s. When Dr. Trummer retired, the clinic was purchased and developed into a medical university campus and clinic.  Bethesda Medical Centre is served by a staff of internationally trained physicians.

One of InterAmerican Medical University’s strongest qualities is that students gain clinical exposure through Bethesda Medical Centre.  They will have the opportunity to participate in patient care and will be exposed to a wide variety of medical and surgical conditions, including tropical medicine.  Medical education classes at IMU are taught by professors from North America, South America, Central America, Asia, and Europe.  All classes are taught in English, but many of our professors and staff are multilingual. 

To better assist potential students, information specific to the following countries and languages is now available.

Brazil - coming soon
Spanish Speaking - coming soon

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